Dream Date with a Make Up Artist

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The really cool thing about starting your own company is this: you get to choose who you work with. Or in other words…you get to dream up the very best situation possible, and put it out there and see what comes back.

I wanted to consult with a makeup artist to find out what working professionals really want, and looked around on Model Mayhem for work I liked. And there was a lot of good stuff. And then there was San Fran/LA-based artist Kat Steinmetz, whose work took my breath away. And you know what happened next? She came to my studio for an afternoon, and consulted with me on Savage Jenny! Lucky lucky me… Kat has a fine arts background, and I think that’s what gives her work that elusive quality of magic – making the ordinary supernatural, and somehow making women look like rockstars and blooming beauties at the same time!

Perfect for Savage Jenny, right? Kat was so generous with her time, and I think it was because she really responded to the idea that glam makeup should not be toxic. She works with models all the time, and those girls need clean makeup more than anybody.

Savage Jenny Starlet lipgloss was a direct result of our time in the studio, as well as Va-Va Voom eyeshadow and Blooming Peach blush – these stunner colors are soft and pretty while still carrying a color punch. Kat told me she was always using soft pinks, and so Starlet was born –

this shade has 6 different pigments in it, from copper to peach to pink, and it’s both shimmery-metallic and soft-hued – not sure how I got there, but I never would have done it without Kat! Va-Va Voom was my Trilogy for brides –

the copper highlighter is really subtle with a muted shimmer, and the peach is so pretty in the crease of the eye – and then the rockstar comes out in the hot pink, which I like to layer over my cat eye liner… Surprise surprise, I’ve been wearing this one every day, because it’s a way to be glam and subtle too. And Kat, who’s a gorgeous blonde, helped me see the necessity for peachy cheeks or Blooming Peach blush –

so pretty on fair complexions. I also made over the Brow & Liner Trilogy after our meeting because blondes and grey hair need a pale shade for the brows -

And BeWitch, our pale sparkle shimmer pony -

I had Kat in mind when I created that color too! And I gave Madame Butterfly a makeover and a new name because I realized that having 2 highlighters of different hues – violet and green – would set off that intense blue sparkle perfectly.

Soo – Thank You Kat! Your advice and expertise helped me so much, and one of these days I will get Part Two of my dream date with Kat – a Savage Jenny photo shoot! Stay tuned…

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